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Interview with teacher and jazz musician Malik Karriem. Karriem discusses his family and early experience in music, his embrace of the Nation of Islam, joining the musicians union, traveling throughout Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East to study music, Islam, and Arabic, and later working as an Arabic teacher at Clara Muhammad School in Kansas City while on parole for an international smuggling conviction. He also discusses the importance of the Arabic language, notes that he teachers children and adults, including his wife, and ends by reciting a Muslim call to prayer in Arabic.

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Black Archives of Mid-America
Missouri Valley Special Collections, Kansas City Public Library

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Interview with former Jackson County legislator and community leader Mamie Hughes. Hughes recalls her family history, her upbringing in Florida, and her move to Kansas City in 1949. She also discusses the founding of Freedom, Inc., the culture and preservation of the 18th and Vine neighborhood and the Mutual Musicians Foundation, being a founder of the women's professional organization Central Exchange, and her memories of Dr. Samuel Rodgers.

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Chavez and Associates
Kansas City Museum